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In today’s business environment, companies across the world are tasked with innovating in the face of evolving technology, emerging markets, and disruptive challenges. The key to success for any company is its people. To successfully grow your business, you need the best talent. Without the right talent, growth is nearly impossible, and it all starts at the top.

For strategic assets, an executive search firm can help you effectively reach, attract, qualify, and hire experts in your industry so your company can continue to expand its competitive advantage and goals.

Since its inception, Empower Recruiters has helped emerging and established companies across North America recruit and hire strategic talent. With a transparent, client-oriented approach we bridge the gap between exemplary talent and premier organizations, cultivating mutual success.

With broad talent networks and a superior understanding of our clients’ unique industries and objectives, we develop a quality-focused search strategy. Clients receive a rich understanding of the current hiring market, while interviewing industry-leading talent. Candidates experience a seamless recruitment process, easing their transition to their next opportunity.

By partnering with our executive recruiters, Empower Recruiter's clients have successfully hired and retained expert talent, empowering them to grow revenues, drive profitability, and increase market share.

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Learning Agility is a top predictor of high potential. It is estimated that just 15% of the global workforce are highly agile. We can help you identify and develop this crucial growth attribute to increase the company's long term results.

Executives with high levels of learning agility, tolerance for ambiguity, empathy and social fluidity are five times more likely to be highly engaged.

Four out of five leaders have serious blind spots about their skills, and two out of five have hidden strengths. We help reveal and understand people's underlying weaknesses while identifying and developing latent strengths.

More than 90% of Empower's search clients utilize our assessment capabilities.

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    Clients should never feel that they’re operating independently of their recruiting team. To ensure a quality experience for both parties, we assign a dedicated recruiter, experienced in your industry, to your account, along with a manager responsible for quality assurance. You should expect communication with your recruiter to occur regularly, starting with a kickoff call that takes a deep dive into the position you’d like to fill. Following our conversation, we will research the market and employ talent forecasting tools to assess current talent pools. We gain a deep understanding of the individual who would be the best within the organization, as well as challenges within the position and hiring market.

    Throughout the recruiting process, we encourage candid and regular feedback from hiring managers as we submit candidates for consideration. This in turn allows us to fine-tune your recruitment strategy, as well as provide updates to potential candidates in the pipeline.



    Companies partner with Empower Recruiters because they are looking for superior talent and unparalleled results. We start with our broad talent networks to begin our search for a quality fit. Often, the best candidate for the role may already be with a competitor or a company in a similar industry, and may not be actively searching for an opportunity. Using proven recruitment and candidate sourcing strategies, we directly headhunt these individuals, market the opportunity with your company, and carefully vet candidates against your requirements and our expertise about the opportunity.



    Because our clients demand the best, and require specific skillsets and qualifications for the position, we interview every candidate in depth before presenting them. Not only do our recruiters review the candidate’s professional history, but we take a close look at each role and how that experience may translate into success for your organization.



    As candidates move through the recruitment process, Empower will be with you each step of the way. Your recruiter works directly with you and your candidates to coordinate interviews, behavioral assessments, skills testing, and ensure all pre-employment paperwork is completed. As an offer becomes imminent, we also perform reference checks, help negotiate pending offers, and secure the candidate’s transition to your company.



    Clients pay for performance. Your goal is to hire the best talent, and we’re here to help. We don’t invoice until your new employee starts with your company. Each placement is backed by a replacement guarantee, so you can feel assured that you’re hiring a quality professional.

    To learn more about how we can help your company recruit superior talent, contact us.

    About Us

    Our approach

    Our objective is to be your go-to consultant for all of your executive recruiting and placement needs. We will surround you with meaningful communication, and develop long-term relationships with our clients, candidates, and associates. We add economic value to your firm, strive to separate ourselves from the competition to become the most reliable, and trusted recruitment resource.

    Empower Recruiter's culture and methodologies deliver superior business results. No one else is approaching executive recruitment the way we are. No one else is thinking about it the way we are. No one else is executing it the way we are. No one else delivers results like we do. We continue to redefine the executive recruiting experience through the use of industry data, analytics, and consistent and candid communication.

    Top talent

    Executives who were hired using our assessment methodology are more likely to be promoted than those hired without it. We believe this is because our experienced and qualifying approach of working with thousands of individuals provides a more complete view of the candidate and their future potential than is otherwise possible. We are honored to utilize our advanced industry experience in your talent search.

    It starts at the top

    Proven top leadership is a vital strategic asset, and there is no room for error in the selection of talent. We boast a limited team of 100 percent dedicated subject matter experts on CEO leadership enabling us to drill deep and apply proven proprietary methodologies to find CEOs with backgrounds and skills that align with a company’s specific needs.

    Identifying the best

    Empower Recruiters firmly believes that a search should be conducted only by experienced practitioners who intimately know the industry, the issues facing the position, the candidates capable of effectively operating in the role and, as important, within the culture of the client’s organization. These time-tested hallmarks remain at the heart of every Empower Recruiters engagement. We have built upon our unique approach through improvements in communication, science and technology.

    Our groundbreaking executive assessment provides the most holistic perspective on the market today – covering candidates' competencies, their personality traits, what drives them, as well as the experiences that are aligned to the role. We only settle for the best of the best

    Our executive recruiters

    Our executive recruiters bring an in-depth understanding of the market conditions and strategic talent issues faced by clients within their specific industry, functional area, and geography. Our team approach to engagements provides clients with a tailored group of experts who bring the most relevant knowledge and resources. We mindfully interact with candidates in a peer-to-peer relationship that fosters respect, transparency, and trust.


    At Empower Recruiters we specialize in the placement of professionals at top tier companies that are experiencing dynamic growth. This allows for involvement in exciting and challenging projects while providing significantly accelerated career growth for our candidates. Also, with their expert knowledge of the talent acquisition process, our highly skilled consultants can provide counsel on successful interviewing techniques and lend professional assistance throughout the entire placement process.

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